About Jewelry


Adorable Antiques

Just give that favourite piece of jewelry 100 years and it will be Antique. Just recently I had the pleasure of creating an engagement ring for a lovely couple who had and antique diamond ring that had… Read More »


Vintage Jewelry

What is Vintage? Well the definition is pretty easy . . . old objects and jewelry that is 20 to 100 years old.  Older than that is deemed to be Antique. Where do you get Vintage treasures from? Found in… Read More »


About Recycled Silver and Gold

How do you recycle silver? We love working with recycled silver and once you have the equipment it’s easy to do. Just put all the old jewelry into a crusible, heat with a high flame, make sure it’s… Read More »


Silver and Gold Filled Jewelry

What is silver filled and silver and gold jewelry? Silver filled or silver plated jewelry is base metal with a coating of real silver. How can I know if my Silver Jewelry is real? The Jewelry convention is to… Read More »


Bespoke it’s a beautiful Thing

Bespoke, what is it? the word is used to describes objects made to order, designed and created to the unique specification of the customer. The results will reflect the specific requirements of the individual and therefore unlimited… Read More »