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Vintage Jewelry

What is Vintage? Well the definition is pretty easy . . . old objects and jewelry that is 20 to 100 years old.  Older than that is deemed to be Antique.

Where do you get Vintage treasures from? Found in interesting places like op-shops, garage sales gifts from generous people.

Can you make jewelry from one of my vintage collectables? We love creating unique designs for our clients. The vintage ceramic decal tile was originally used to hold down a table cloth. Dated  around the 70’s it’s style fits nicely into Vintage. To create a fun big statement ring we started by removing a base metal hook that was attached to the back. Drew up a design and started cutting out silver that would fit nice and snug around the tile. We removed the hook with some serious sawing, it was a very d=tuff base metal – felt like steel! made the custom designed ring and set the ceramic tile into the ring. And there you have it, a fun Vintage treasure ready to where with anything casual.