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Bespoke it’s a beautiful Thing

Bespoke, what is it? the word is used to describes objects made to order, designed and created to the unique specification of the customer.

The results will reflect the specific requirements of the individual and therefore unlimited potential for beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry are possible.

A couple of recent bespoke jewelry pieces that came together recently included a romantic idea of designing and creating a gold pendant that featured a pebble from the wedding day beach an a remake of an heirloom engagement ring, incorporating the antique hand-cut diamond setting with a beautifully fitted new gold band accented with pear shaped diamonds that complemented the antique setting. (Bespoke Antique Ring Image under Post Category, Antique and Vintage).

Another great example of a beautiful bespoke diamond ring is Linda’s engagement ring. Definitely top shelf, delicious and different. (The image under Post Category Wedding, Engagement and Commitment Rings)

Come to think of it . . . jewelry found at EMJewels is either a fabulous Bespoke Heirloom or a Unique Creation ready to add to your treasures.