EstherMaria’s Story

Hello Beautiful People : )

Welcome to my online creative space.  My name is Esther Maria Shelley and I live on the east coast of Australia.
I am glad you’ve come looking on the EstherMaria website and hope you enjoy your time in this creative space.


Dad mining 1963My love of gem stones and artistic jewelry was inevitable. Fortunate enough to be born into a family that worked with rare and beautiful rainbow coloured opal gems from the vast red lands of Australia, I watched and learnt about gems.

Both my mother and father’s family gave me a lineage in artistic endeavours and combining my inherited skills I’ve moved comfortably into my joy, designing and creating what I love, bespoke Jewelry.


refining goldI love creating handcrafted jewelry and use the medium of master alloys – gold, silver and copper to present my designs.

The precious metal used is all ethical (being refined from recycled material), is the best quality possible and makes me feel like I’m doing my part in looking after Mother Earth.

For those of us who dabble in metaphysics I believe the energy in these pieces is rather fine and can have a wonderful vibration, like jewelry made in the days of old.

EstherMaria designs can include the elements of natural gems, diamonds, textures, vitreous enamels and sentimental objects like pebbles and seas glass.

All the gem stones are natural and some are untreated. When I am able to provide a guarantee to their untreated nature I will provide a certificate with the jewelry as the value of these gems is used by some for investing.

If you are wanting special gems I am able to source ethical gems, both diamond and coloured lovelies that will make spectacular pendants and rings. You may have guessed I’m nuts about gems…..

As an Artisan I am inspired by nature and work only with ethical intent. I love designing and creating bespoke jewelry and enjoy creating unique and sentimental pieces.
All of the jewelry you find on this site has an element of craftsmanship that ensures each piece of jewelry is a unique EstherMaria design.

Due to my adventures nature and love for bright colours I have found myself on an amazing kaleidoscope journey. I enjoy playing with textures, mixing metals, creating bright vitreous enamel pieces and trying my hand at new techniques and material in my studio. With only so many hours in a day and many designs that are demanding to be created I had to find some help! I searched “hi and low” and found highly skilled Jewellers to help create, from my designs and originals jewelry made at my bench. I am so grateful for these extra hands as they have helped make my dream come true of creating beautiful, bespoke jewelry I can proudly share with you.