Caring for Your Jewelery

Well you have just come back from a great time out and about, you received several genuine complements casually thrown your way, about your amazing taste in outfit and jewelry and you want to make sure you take the best care of your treasure, so what should you do?

Well believe it or not there are things like creams, perfumes and hairsprays along with over exposure to sunlight and a list of a few other nasties that can dull your precious metal surface and cloud your brilliant gems.

* Gently place your jewelry in a bath of warm water and mild detergent, ensure that your jewelry is completely covered.
* Let it rest in this solution for 5 minutes to help loosen any grim that may have dried onto the surface.
* Gently hand wash to remove the grim of the day. Avoid electrolytic cleaning and polish solutions containing harsh chemicals.
* If you are careful you can use an old fashioned soft natural bristled brush to clean the hard to reach areas while your jewelry is being washed.
* Gently pat dry.
* At this stage, you may wish to give your jewelry a little gentle polish with a jewelry polishing cloth or soft cloth.
* Gently wrap jewelry in and anti-tarnish felt cloth and place in silk or other soft bag ready to store.
(even tissue or soft cloth is better than nothing)
* Place in box for your jewelry items.

This will keep them safe and snug between use and help to keep the sparkle.

We would recommend dropping into a jeweler once a year for a “health check” and clean. Ask them to check that all the gems are still firmly embedded in the precious metal and give your jewelry a lovely professional clean and polish.

With this sort of care you will have a beautiful collection of heirloom treasures to enjoy.