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Silver and Gold Filled Jewelry

What is silver filled and silver and gold jewelry? Silver filled or silver plated jewelry is base metal with a coating of real silver.

How can I know if my Silver Jewelry is real? The Jewelry convention is to uses stamps into the metal (called Hallmarks) that let the buyer know they are purchasing silver jewelry or silver filled/plated jewelry. The most common hallmark stamp used today is numbers 925 for Sterling Silver and/or a stamp with a double SS. The standard hallmark for Fine Silver is the numbers 999 and/or letters FS stamped on the metal. These hallmarks are usually placed on the inside of the ring or on the clasp if a necklace/chain).
There are many Hallmarks that have been used over hundreds of year and if you are into collecting silver items you will be able find a lot of information regarding this through a little research online or at your local library/book store in the antiques and collectables section.

If there are no markings on your jewelry and you want to know if it is silver or not, there are tests that can be done by your local jeweller or coin collector shop that can let you know what you have in your treasure trove.

The other way that you will eventually know if the piece is “real silver” or just costume jewelry will be by wearing or using the object for a few months. If it is real you wont notice any difference, it may need a little clean in warm soapy water but will continue to shine up to a lovely piece of jewelry. If it’s not the real deal it will turn a base metal colour in the areas that have had most contact with the skin. The piece will start to change colour to be more brassy in appearance brassie and/or you will get skin irritations as the base metal starts to come through and has direct contact with the skin.